Healing with the Ascended Masters

There are different ways of talking about energy healing. From my perspective it is both a gift from the Divine and firmly based on the principles of physics and the scientific knowledge. We are vibrating beings of light and energy. Healing brings  a state of improved health into a place which has been imbalanced and holding blocks to energy flow. At times, while undertaking a treatment, I have experienced Spiritual beings, including Christ and Archangels, ask me to step aside and allow them to take charge of a session. I experience myself as a channel for healing to the spirit, mind and physical form.

There are different methods for delivering healing through the energetic model. I am trained in reiki,Make me a Channel... Energy Awaken, karmic and sound healing. As an anchored channel, I find other methods flow through me as they become appropriate.

As a foundation for delivering therapeutic quality, I am an accredited music therapist, and find that this training greatly informs my ability to be present and effective with my clients.