Pamela Holm died on September 23, 2019.┬áThis website is now being maintained by Heather Holm, Pamela’s sister, as a memorial and an archive of Pamela’s creative output.

You can reach Heather at email hidden; JavaScript is required, or by snail mail at:

Heather Holm
140 Crandall Road,
Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0


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  1. My condolences to you regarding your sister, Pamela Holm. I was in one of her Community Choirs in Vancouver. I regularly take out my Christmas music and December and came upon a membership from Inchoiring. I looked at the music that she had arranged and thought to myself; "I wonder how she is doing?" I looked her up via Google to discover that she had passed away. Very sad for such a lovely, kind talented and the list goes on person to pass at a relatively young age. She had a wonderful ear and would say, "There is someone not on the note.. Is that you, Janene?' I would laugh and say, "No, it can't be me." She was very patient and dynamic and encouraged even the tone deaf singers. Surprisingly, through much practice, his singing improved and he even soloed. I never realized that Pamela was so involved in so many musical activities and pursuits. Just a lovely woman. I really remember her fondly. She challenged us to Spanish, German and Finnish music which is just wonderful. I still am in Community, Church, and Musical get togethers. My thoughts are with you as you journey through your loss. I lost my brother when he was 52 yr. old and still grieve for him. Two bright and shining stars not to be ever forgotten.

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