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Sound Healing Voice and Singing Bowls

Singing Crystal Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

Invite Pamela and your friends for an intimate gathering or concert performance.  Pamela Holm’s peace-invoking angelic voice opens hearts and touches people in places they did not know existed.  Healing melodies elicited by the audience’s deep souls provide  a sound bath that leaves them clearer, leave lighter, feeling heard. Bringing together the skills of the empathic intuitive, channel, healer and singer comes musical magic.

Accompanying her voice are the amazing crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, whose deeply penetrating sound supports your deep relaxation and release.

Pamela’s calling toward intuitive healing voice emerged when her music therapy work brought her to a child with autism who was experiencing an episode of high anxiety. Invoking sound healing through singing, Pamela felt her voice emitting waves of healing energy and a subsequent release and calm filled the child. Combining the intuitive voice work with singing bowls creates an experience of peace and refreshment from which people report feeling lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated.

The use of Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls integrated with the chakra system, help to release energy stagnation/blockages through the body. In some settings where people want to join in, songs and/or chants, drawn from a variety of spiritual traditions both ancient and contemporary, can be used to help the audience engage in singing from the soul.

Crystal Singing Bowls work by stimulating Alpha brain waves, allowing relaxation and release of tension and old mental-emotional patterning at its root. This is beneficial for supporting wellness, and healing from stress related diseases. Recommended by oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gayner in his book The Healing Power of Sound, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls have been growing in popularity in the west.

Pamela’s voice is has also been heard as a performing artist and as a member of highly esteemed choirs throughout the country including the National Arts Centre Chorus, The Cantata Singers of Ottawa, Halifax Camerata Singers, the Vivaldi Chamber Choir of Greater Vancouver and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Chorus,  Pamela’s singing has reached many hearts and souls with high praises. She has also appeared with her guitar in folk and spiritual venues and with jazz, maritime folk, and classical ensembles. She delighted Ottawa/Gatineau audiences with the bowls at the Museum of Civilization for the Awakening event, December 12, 2012.

Share an invitation for deep healing and relaxation with your friends by bringing Pamela to perform in your house concert, in your church or at a special event.