One thing on Pamela’s bucket list was to have her songs sung by other people. So help her out!

I’m including recordings, sheet music and lyrics as I find them.

I find it interesting to see how Pamela’s songwriting evolved over the years. The original songs she recorded in 1990 (see below) were a jazzy pop, but after that, she seems to have settled into more of a romantic folk style. Then in the latter part of the 2000 decade, her spiritual development was accompanied by more spiritually-oriented songs and chants for singing with groups. She was also involved with a children’s church choir and wrote songs for it. The spiritual theme continued in the next few years with some very personal expressions of her inner experience.

Her lyrics were as important as the melodies, and she also wrote poetry that she didn’t set to music, but she also put music to poetry written by others, from her mother to St Teresa of Ávila, as her beloved Schubert had done with the poems of Goethe. In the last years, she was yearning to work closely with other musicians to develop her music. April 2019 saw her perform two new serious pieces (this and this) as part of a trio. She was really looking forward to more of that, wanting to make space for it in her life.

There is a large pile of music that I haven’t explored yet. I’ve started with the available recordings, then with the computer-generated sheet music, matching them up when possible, song by song. With time, I will go through the rest and compile them here, perhaps making new recordings of some.

Pamela was a member of SOCAN. If you want to record a song, please contact me. But please just sing any of her songs that you want to sing. She would like that. – HH