The Music and Art of Pamela Holm

Pamela Holm, RP-MTA, 1960-2019

Pamela Holm, a vocalist, music therapist and songwriter who died in 2019, left a rich collection of melodic, poetic and luminous songs and tunes.

She had recorded some of her songs, whether as demos in studio, or roughly for her own purposes. Her recordings have been added to this website when available. Some songs have been recorded by others to add to the site.

Pamela’s sister, Heather Holm, was amazed to discover this music, most of it for the first time, in Pam’s apartment after she died. She continues to edit and add her sister’s music, art, poems, stories and other creative output here so that it can be used, performed and appreciated more widely.

Browse the items below, or use the menu. There is also biographical information, a chronicle of her final illness, videos of her Memorial Services and more, under “Remembering Pamela”.


Another Bright Star

Composed for her mother’s memorial service in 2014. Sung again by her colleagues for her service in 2019.
Ostara (1884) by Johannes Gehrts


A lively tribute to the goddess of spring. The first part can be sung as a 2-part round.

Home by the Ocean

NEW VIDEO Dec 2020: A song expressing the heart’s tug-of-war between home by the sea and living far away for work.

Hold the World in Love

NEW VIDEO (Sept. 2020). Sing-along song for a rally or other gathering, Earth Day, environmental caretaking event, spiritual group.

Ave Maria

NEW Video (Dec. 2020) A hauntingly beautiful sacred song for a soloist and/or choir.

Visual Art

Writing: Poetry and Prose