When my marriage had come to its natural conclusion and my life was in transition, someone loaned me a book called “Conversations with God vol. 2”. Much of what I read made sense to me, and one thing stuck in my head and that has been a God send to me since then. It is nothing new: that we have a choice in every moment of our lives. At that point it occured to me that I had a choice between Light and Dark. That seemed to me the best way to label the choices. Light meant the road to happiness, peace, good fortune, love, truth, integrity. Dark meant loneliness, ignorance, deceit, lies, depression, continuing to be stuck where I was. 


Given the clarity of the choices, I decided that I wanted Light in my life. As an experiment, I decided to consciously make the choice as often as I could think of it, especially when I felt stuck. I found myself hearing my husband with new ears, and gaining more clarity on our situation. As I left, I continued to use it, and do still in my work as a therapist, and often in decision making, when I feel stuck. Always, consciously choosing Light – and listening to my intuition, it leads me to the higher decision and path to take. I offered the opportunity to a friend as an experiment, hoping it would lead her to quit smoking. That wasn’t her priority at the time, but her workplace got new funding – that’s where it helped her.

I want to offer this to the world. If we all make the choice for Light – and it needs to be repeated over and over again in all kinds of situations – we CAN and will change the world. It is that simple. Whether your situation is a relationship one like mine, an environmental one, a political one, what ever kind….. the repeated conscious choice for Light will give you the higher plan and path. I promise your life will change for the better. 


It is important to remember that choosing once and thinking that that is enough does not do the trick. It needs to be reapplied in every moment. Every decision is a new opportunity and we make hundreds a day. Make them count. 

Try it….for a day…a week…a month. Experiment and see where it takes you…takes the world. It is a choice without judgment, without ego, without strings attached. Bring Light into the darkness. Choose Light Now! 


Blessings on you 

Pamela Holm 


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